May 22, 2024

The Importance of Socializing the Elderly

Maintaining and establishing interpersonal relationships is important for the state of mind of the elderly and for him to be able to fully live his daily life and it’s specific benefits are:

Increase in life expectancy: According to some studies, older people who have little or no social contact are more likely to die in the short term, and those who have an active social life have a longer lifespan.

The feeling of loneliness decreases with age; many older people are filled with a terrible feeling of loneliness. And the fact is that, although they support a close-knit family, children and grandchildren move away, as a result of which older people feel like strangers. That is why it is important for older people to socialize in a company so that they do not feel lonely and even people with dementia care homes in Draper, UT. The fact that they make new acquaintances and promote socialization reduces the feeling of loneliness, and they create their own world, feeling much more independent from the visits of their loved ones. By building interpersonal relationships with other peers, they share experiences and understand that they are not alone in this stage.

Active mental activity: communication, board games, the opportunity to discuss various topics with peers, helps to keep an active mind, and therefore they feel part of society, they feel useful, independent, self-reliant and much more empowered. It makes them feel important and therefore improves their mood every day.

Improved physical condition: Socialization has been shown to have a positive effect on pathologies associated with joint pain and the control of certain chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. In addition, it prevents some psychosocial pathology, such as anxiety and depression, which are very common in the elderly.

Improved quality of life:This is a consequence of the positive management of the changes that occur in old age, by sharing memories, experiences, interests and entertainment with their comparisons. This has a positive effect on self-esteem and therefore improves the quality of life.

 Many different amateur groups visit nursing homes on a volunteer basis. They offer older people to watch and sometimes participate in concerts and performances. The staff also arranges interesting tea parties for their old people with contests and quizzes that end in funny discussions and jokes.