April 12, 2024

How To Treat Bad Dog Breath?

Bad Dog Breath

Your pet dog’s kisses are probably the most pure form of love and affection a human can receive. Ask any pet owner and they shall attest that receiving kisses from their fur baby is a major highlight of their day. However one thing that can quickly make any dog kiss go from fab to drab is Bad Dog Breath. No one wants to smell a foul stink so close to their nose. As important as hygiene is to humans, it is necessary for animals too. If a pet isn’t cared for not only emotionally but also in terms of physical hygiene then their health is meant to deteriorate eventually.

What causes a dog’s bad breath and how to cure it?

Much like humans, bad breath is also pretty common in dogs. But in other good news, just like in humans bad breath can be cured pretty easily in dogs too. However in order to understand what causes that bad breath we must understand what causes it. There are multiple cause of bad breath in dogs. Some of them are

  • Lack of oral hygeine on behalf of the owner.
  • The dog may be suffering from a periodontal disease and the bad breath might be a symptom of the same.
  • Poor dietary habits of the dog.

Another really rare but a possible cause is that the dog may be suffering from diabetes. As mentioned above, bad breath might be a symptom of diabetes that the dog suffers from.

Not only this but there can be other conditions like liver disease, kidney disease etc. too that a dog might suffer from. Bad breath is a very common symptom of a lot of diseases. Now that the causes that have been made clear, let’s move on to the remedies. Bad dog breath can be treated by a lot of things. Obviously, if it is a symptom of any disease then the only way to get rid of it would be to cure it but if it’s because of negligence or any other factor then it can be cured using various methods such as getting chewable that look after your dog’s oral hygiene or making sure you are brushing your dog’s mouth properly and multiple times a day. Pet parents must make sure that the treats and food they consume are safe and do not have any toxic ingredients. Bad breath just like I’m humans is not a big problem in dogs if treated properly.