April 12, 2024

DJ Laz Avoids Charges-Know More About the Fatal Key Biscayne Boating Accident

DJ Laz Avoids Charges-Know More About the Fatal Key Biscayne Boating Accident

DJ Laz, a well-known DJ in South Florida, was on the water in a 42-foot boat in May 2014 promoting Voli Vodka. The boat got high-centered as the water receded off  Nixon Beach in Mashta Flats. The boat was pushed off the sandbar by spectators. Among them, 23-year-old Ernesto Hernandez got killed when one or more of the boat’s propellers hit him. Ernesto Hernandez’s mother filed a civil case against many people, including DJ Laz. An attorney states there will be no charge brought against well-known radio personality DJ Laz, the actual name Lazaro Mendez. DJ Laz avoids charges connected with a deadly watercraft accident in May 2014 near Key Biscayne.

A Quick View About The Lawsuit Filed

Ernesto Hernandez got killed by a propeller in a boat driven by Mendez on May 4, 2014, near Nixon Beach in Key Biscayne. He was present at a gathering that Pit Bull and DJ Laz were hosting.  As per reports, the victim was among a group of partygoers attempting to assist Mr. Mendez in removing his boat off a sandbar at a beach party promotion. Mr. Mendez got implicated in starting the engine while the victim was pushing from behind the boat. This resulted in the man’s death after being sucked into the propellers.

Investigators tried to determine if it is due to intoxication, negligence, or recklessness.  Mendez was not accused of a crime because the state’s attorney’s office could not establish that he was drunk when the accident occurred. Even though DJ Laz avoids charges for his part in the victim’s death, he also previously resolved a Florida wrongful death case brought by the victim’s family.

In contrast to the bar that prosecutors must satisfy for a criminal conviction, the burden of proof for damages in civil actions is lower at trial. Due to the distinction between civil and criminal trials, it is frequently possible to hold someone accountable for the same conduct in a civil lawsuit even if they are released or not even charged with a crime.