July 22, 2024

VPNs and proxies are two different things

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Nowadays, we have to deal with several problems related to the virtual world. Some concern our privacy on the internet while others are related to censorship policies and geo-restrictions. Every day brings new challenges. And if we manage to find a haven of peace in the midst of this chaos, government spying and mass surveillance comes to haunt us. To get rid of all this, many users are turning to VPNs and proxies, but in the end few people really know the difference between these two methods. Click here for hideme.

What is a proxy?

As the name suggests, a proxy is a server serving as a bridge between the user and the internet. Any traffic directed to a proxy server will appear as coming from the IP of the proxy instead of yours. In fact, the bridge created by the proxy server transports your request via the requested paths and routes. Since your IP has been hidden, censorship restrictions imposed by local authorities will no longer apply. However, proxy servers do not use any form of encryption to secure the traffic passing through them.Visit this site for hideme.

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What is a VPN?

A VPN is a much more sophisticated tool than a proxy. A VPN does not just make it easier for you to get around geo-restrictions and handle censorship issues, but it also looks after your security and anonymity. A VPN builds a secure tunnel from different protocols (PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, SSTP, SoftEther, etc.) between your computer and the location from which you want to access the internet. And that’s not all: a VPN also uses high levels of encryption to scramble the traffic passing through its servers.

The security difference

VPN – Provides high-level encryption up to 256-bit. This makes it almost impossible for a hacker or cyber-criminal to break into your online security.  Proxy – Offers low security. A proxy server does not encrypt the traffic it filters, which makes it very vulnerable to attack.

Data encryption

With VPN all your data is fully encrypted, so that no one can break into your privacy. When you use a proxy, anyone can intercept your data.

Accessibility of websites

With VPN, you can access any site around the world. The proxy only works for some geo-restrictions and cannot help you bypass the best firewalls and censors.

The speed of internet

VPN – With VPN, your connection speed will not be affected because VPN offers include great features like SOCKS proxy, intelligent DNS, and more.  Proxy – You have a good chance of recovering a slow connection by using a proxy. The main reason is that the proxy is a lower technology and is not able to provide a fast connection.