July 22, 2024

Tips to control hair loss issue


Any more hairs on the pillow? Make sure it is an abnormal hair fall and not a simple hair renewal. And if so, take the appropriate measures. A diet focused on strengthening hair can be your great ally. But it’s not the only help. Take a look at the site here

Prepare a plate of lentils

Lentils are an important source of iron that, combined with vitamin C, helps increase your metabolism, circulation and oxygenation of cells. Which is essential for a healthy development of the GroomingAdepts?


Remember that the lack of iron is usually the cause of fragile and weakened hair and hair loss.

Watch your emotions

Stress, anxiety or nerves related to the experience of complicated situations can trigger hair loss. No treatment is usually necessary since in most cases it resolves with the passage of time.

Extra :

Stress alopecia presents a generalized hair loss, without localized area, decreasing the density of the hair in a homogeneous way.

Maybe it’s the genes

The so-called androgenic alopecia (AGA) is what is inherited through the genes of the father. In such cases, the use of medication usually helps.



It is the most common type of alopecia in our society. It usually affects most men, although it can also occur in women.

  • When did you start having hair loss?
  • Has hair loss been continuous or occasional?
  • Have you noticed that your hair grows little, breaks or falls?
  • Has the hair loss been general or in areas?
  • Have you had a similar problem in the past?
  • Has a close family member had hair loss?
  • What medications or supplements do you take regularly?
  • Is there anything that seems to improve hair loss?
  • Is there anything that seems to make hair loss worse?

Patients come daily to consult us about hair loss.

Normally the consultations increase when the physiological loss of hair in the fall and spring accelerates , a problem that mainly affects women. We also see patients when baldness begins to appear , a condition that is hard to accept for young men. Hair loss almost always causes some anxiety in our patients.

How does hair loss treat, apart from baldness?

I start by prescribing a blood test to my patients (iron levels and thyroid hormones).

I explain the mechanism behind hair loss as it is important to reduce the anxiety of patients. I usually prescribe nutritional supplements that help shorten this period of hair loss. The fall arrest lotions can also be effective. I always choose products whose effectiveness has been proven.