July 22, 2024

How to earn money and grow on Twitch

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Twitch, the stage that offers stream service, hardly wants an appearance you should Buy Buy twitch followers. At present, this website has become the novel TV for a lot of user and fan of video games.

As one of the largest platforms in the world of gaming, we can find almost everything. Games, competitions, Speed runs, talks, co splay, body painting or even people cooking.

How to start our adventure on Twitch?

To start, the simplest and possibly the most important thing, create a Twitch account. Once your name is thought and what image we want to give, we will start. Also, a key advice is to focus on a game. It does not mean that we do not play others live, but it is always interesting to mark a point of reference.

As a note of interest we must say that we will not especially need expensive equipment to start with. The main thing is the desire to grow as a streamer. In this way, with a decent computer (i5, with 8GB of RAM and Windows 7 minimum) and a good connection (at least 1MB of upload per second) will be enough. Without forgetting a micro and a Web Cam in case we want to be seen.

Buy twitch followers

Now, how do we make your channel more popular?

This part is not as simple as the previous one. In the first place we should keep in mind, as we said, perseverance and patience . They will be key pieces when it comes to growing as streamers.

On the other hand, you can also find your own Niche. Your followers will not necessarily increase by playing popular titles. In this way, you can get to know being good at the controls of alternative games or demonstrating other skills (painting, music …) As for social networks, very important too, they will promote your stream. Notices when the live start, information of interest so that followers know you better or just videos of some plays will help boost your channel.