May 22, 2024

Take the right care of your sticky bra

A sticky bra is not the type of ordinary bra. Cleaning the sticky bra requires a special method. If you do not use the proper cleaning method, then you could destroy it or remove its adhesive feature. If not cleaned and washed properly, you cannot enjoy the sticky features for longer days. For, hygienic purposes, you have to take care of the sticky bra. After sweating a lot your adhesive bra may have acquired bacteria, and fungus may even grow from it. Learning how to clean sticky bra is essential as you can’t wear a sticky bra that is smelly again.

Washing an adhesive bra is not a big hassle. You just have to remember some things while cleaning the adhesive bra. Follow the step by step procedure to clean the sticky bra more effectively.

Prepare the water:The very first step that you have to consider while washing your sticky bra is to have your water ready. Warm water is preferred as it easily removes dirt and oil.

Use the right soap:For cleaning the adhesive bra, it is essential to use the recommended soap of your manufacturer. If there is none, you can use the special cleanser of your choice. Using mild soap is essential as it will not disrupt the fibers of an adhesive bra. Also, do not use bleach or alcohol to clean the sticky bra.

Apply soap water:Do not soak the entire bra into the soapy water. Use your fingers to get soapy water and use it to cleanse the adhesive part in a circular motion. Avoid fingernails to remove the dirt. It can ruin the cups. Next, rinsing is an indispensable step when learning how to cleansticky bra. Make sure to press the cups so that the adhesive part will be washed. Make sure you rinse well.