May 22, 2024

Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification Framework (WSQ)

The Singapore Personnel Skills Qualification wsq certificate course is a national accreditation system that allows you to train, develop, assess and certify the skills and capabilities of the workforce. With a continuing education and training (CET) system, WSQ supports the following SkillsFuture movements.

  • Promote awareness of skills and abilities to promote progress, learning, and mobility.
  • Promote the overall development of the workforce through skills and general competencies and skills.
  • Supports economic development by specializing skills and capabilities that promote industry innovation, product innovation efforts.

The WSQ certificate courses training program ensures that skills and competencies of existing and new needs are used for training and development based on the skills and competencies identified by employers, unions, and professional organizations.

The WSQ program is funded by WSQ accredited SkillsFuture Singapore using the skills and abilities contained within the technology framework, and the quality is guaranteed.

wsq certificate courses

Main Features

Relevance: A competency-based system designed to develop general skills and competencies required for specific job responsibilities.

Open access: No academic prerequisites or recognized prior learning experiences, such as practical experience or certificates, are required. Providing a small module follows a “declaration of achievement”, thus qualifying for a full WSQ.

Advanced: Provides a path of skills and qualifications that can be applied to the technical framework of a variety of industries.

Privileges: Pass Certificates and Certificates of Eligibility are provided by Singapore SkillsFuture or in partnership with established awards organizations to provide quality assurance and awards.