July 22, 2024

Let Us Describe the Samsung Note Series

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Samsung note series is one of the renowned smartphone series of phones in the field of smartphone. The company Samsung provides the best technology of phone series available across the world. The samsung note series price in Singapore is affordable to the people. These are the most popular smartphone series with great features.

Evolution of Samsung note series:

Original Galaxy Note – 2011

Galaxy note 2 – 2012

Note 4 – 2014

Note 5 – 2015

Note 7 – 2016

Note 8 – 2017

Note 9 – 2018

Note 10 and 10+ – 2019

Discussing about the Samsung note series

Samsung galaxy note:

This is termed as the god father of the series of this phone series. It has superior AMOLED display with the resolution of pixels of about 800 x 1280. It consists of a chipset of snapdragon. It has a battery of 2500mAh with one GB of ram.

Samsung galaxy note 2:

This is the refined next generation phone after Samsung galaxy note. It comprises of AMOLED display with snapdragon 600 chipset. It has two GB of ram and 3100mAh.

Samsung galaxy note 3:

It has a cover which is stitched with leather at the rear side. It also has AMOLED display with snapdragon 800 chipset. It has 3500mAh battery with 3GB ram.

Samsung galaxy note 3 neo:

It consists of 3100mAh battery with 2GB ram. It consists of AMOLED display and snapdragon 400.

Samsung galaxy note 4:

It also has AMOLED display with snapdragon 805 chipset. It consists of a 3GB ram and 3200mAh battery.

Samsung note 5:

It is the phone with stretching of the screen to the side. It consists of 3000mAh battery and 3GB ram.

Samsung note 7:

It has Exynos octa with four GB ram. It has the battery about 3000mAh and is provided with a stylus pen.

Samsung note 8:

It is the explosive model of Samsung note series. It has 3500mAh battery with four GB ram.

Thus, these are the series of Samsung galaxy note with their features.