May 22, 2024


Glocks are the most popularly used pistol by cops and common people alike, because of their durability, accessibility and simplicity. Other features of these glocks include rapid cycling time as well as a smooth trigger break. Its usually carried by cops in an outside the waistband concealment (OWB) while on duty. But since most of the officials also carry the gun off-duty, there has to be a proper concealment of these glocks in their holsters. They usually go for either ankle holsters or in case of deep concealment, they use IWB or inside the waistband concealment.

Glock 17 is the most perfect handgun when it comes to concealment and its why this model is generally preferred. However, to achieve this, you need the right holster. There are a lot of holsters in the market. Each of these offer something in terms of concealment as well as other features. Though not all of these might be the perfect fit for you. Here is a list of the best glock 17 holsters for the year 2020,

The best type are made of Kydex, a tough thermoplastic. It is the material that is most commonly used in knife sheaths as well as in airplanes. These kind of holsters are available in different types and designs for both concealment as well as carry.

Things to consider before buying

  1. Firstly you need to consider the main reason for carrying the glock 17 and how you prefer to carry it. It largely depends on the user’s job as well as lifestyle. For example, if spending a lot of time in a vehicle, then the preferred method to carry is a cross body draw, in which the holster is tied opposite to the dominant hand.
  2. You also need to keep in mind the temperatures that you will be working at. In summers it becomes difficult to conceal with a holster.
  3. Some states have legal policies in place for concealment and carry, this is also something that needs to be properly analyzed.
  4. The different types of holsters are usually under two main categories, IWB as well as OWB. Paddle holsters are the typical type of OWB holsters that are generally used by the law enforcement. Shoulder holsters are less common because they need a cross body saw, whereas ankle holsters are not ideal for a quick draw of the weapon.
  5. The material of a holster should also be considered. The kydex holsters are the most preferred in this case. They have higher durability as well as light weight in comparison to the rest. In case of leather holsters, they might not be secure enough. However both materials are pretty standard and are usually available in colors of your choice.

Safety is important in case of concealment and carry of a handgun. So its best to review a holster properly before you buy them. Compare in terms of durability, security as well proper concealment so as to have the best and efficient holster.