May 22, 2024


kiosk digital signage Singapore

Commonly referred to as electronic billboards, digital or electronic signage systems are nothing but the display of LCD screens to advertise and promote a myriad of products, services, instructions or basic information. This is a rapidly growing industry that has seen huge advancements since the last decade. These billboards come in all shapes, sizes and designs and are strategically placed all over public places such as waiting rooms, traffic signals and highways, retail stores, public parks, airports, etc. However, they are all similar in their basic infrastructure consisting of digital LCD screens with a combination of hardware and software components.

Some basic designs in which these signs are being used are mentioned below.

  1. Digital Posters: These can be in the form static display of digital content or a short animated video on repeat. These are generally placed at counters or information desks displaying basic instructions or promotions. They can also be mounted on the wall easily and hardly take up any space for installation. These are the most commonly used because of their small size, low cost and easy and efficient installation and management.
  2. Free Standing System: These floor-mounted structures are most commonly visible in shopping malls and airports. They are either movable or fixed and bolted to the ground, displaying advertisements on digital display screens. Such structures can also have interactive touch screens, allowing the user to navigate in the form of maps, or menu selection etc. An example of this is a kiosk digital signage Singapore can be seen very often in a lot of public platforms.
  3. Ceiling Mounted system: As the name suggests these are a signs that are mounted to the ceiling making them a less obtrusive but more eye-catching in their appearance. The mechanism behind its use is pretty similar to that of the free standing structures, except these are commonly seen hanging from the ceiling to display information.
  4. Outdoor System: Outdoor systems are nothing but standing or ceiling mounted structures displayed outside of restaurants, shopping malls, mostly displaying menus, or promotional offers. Unlike indoor systems however, these need to be manged in a way to protect the LCD screens from high temperatures. Along with adequate cooling, they also have to be integrated with waterproof protection and airflow systems. Such outdoor systems are equally rising in their popularity as compared to indoor digital signage.