July 22, 2024

What curtain is suitable for a child’s room?

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To give a little pep to the room of your child, nothing like a nice curtain! How to choose a curtain adapted to your environment? Which color and which material to favor? The editorial tells you everything about decoration. Click here for cheap curtains.

Your next decorative goal? Find and install a beautiful curtain in your child’s room. If your concern for aesthetics and the desire to please them are your main motivations, remember that the pause of a curtain is also a practical way to isolate a room or create a special atmosphere.

What curtain to isolate a child’s room?

In terms of insulation, several solutions are available to you. Beyond masonry work to do in your child’s room, why not supplement the effects of these by…

– A blackout curtain: Composed of a polyester face and another coated with a layer of acrylic, the blackout curtain is ideal to prevent light from passing and keep a child’s room in the dark, time his nap or his night. Visit this site for cheap curtains.

– A thermal curtain: In summer, do not hesitate to add an anti-heat lining to the curtain already present in your child’s room. Coated with a metal cover, this special fabric is able to counter the high heat by reflecting about 80% of the sun’s rays outside. This veil is to heat with an iron on your current curtain. Maintenance practice, it goes into the machine at low temperatures.

– A velvet curtain: To privilege for the houses located in the cold regions, the velvet curtain is very appreciated by the children … for its softness, of course! As for parents, they often set their sights on it for its “heavy” texture that protects both the light and the freshness of winter nights.


The curtain in a child’s room: which color to choose?

The color of a curtain in a child’s room should be chosen according to the color of the walls and furniture. If they are already dark, favor a clear curtain. On the other hand, if all the components of the room are relatively light, but the color is different, for example, if the carpet and the duvet cover is blue, do not hesitate to choose curtains in the shades of this piece. Color, to keep the same unit in the room. Be careful not to choose colors too garishly. If a child plays in his room, he sleeps there too and all conditions must be met for a peaceful night, so opt for a cold-colored curtain.

 The curtain in a child’s room: the precautions to take

The installation of a curtain in a child’s room is not a fact to take lightly, especially if it depends on a retractable rod by the through a string. It is precisely this small cord that is a danger in the home for children and especially young children. To avoid any accident, make sure to put it out of reach of small hands by positioning it in height, or more simply by cutting it. Also, beware of sources of light and heat too close to the curtains: a fire is always too fast!

 The curtain, a must for the shared children’s room

Beyond its primary functions of insulation and decoration, the curtain can also be very useful for delimiting spaces within a single room. So when several children share the same room, it is essential to ensure that everyone has their own intimate space, hence the usefulness of a curtain. Ideal to split a child’s room in two in a few seconds or on the contrary, to bring together brothers and sisters, the curtain is a new generation of flexible, retractable and often inexpensive partition to hang wherever you want. Choose preferably curtains laser cut, slightly rigid and often perforated by small patterns: they let the light while respecting the privacy of all.