July 22, 2024

Frasers: Incredible Real Estate Company Since 1980

Riviere Singapore River

Singapore is one of the popular and famous tourist attraction all around the globe. Many people visit Singapore city for taking a break from their daily schedule. This place is best for shopping and visiting the different types of restaurants where you can taste the unique food dishes and drinks some fine wine. At Riviere Frasers Centrpoint Home you can also live and enjoy these restaurants food every day. The Frasers is a real estate property developer who made much big building and property in the Singapore city. At Frasers, they are a multinational company which develops the real estate’s property in many big countries around the globe which include Europe, Australia, China, and Southeast Asia.

Riviere Singapore River

This company started in 1980 which include the Centrpoint center and most iconic shopping mall in the center or heart of the Singapore city at Orchard Road. The latest project of the Frasers is developing the Riviere Zouk club which is located in one side of the Singapore River. After the Riviere Condo Jiak Kim Street, this company become the multinational company and also listed in the SGX-ST with other five companies which are in active state. This company develops the commercial, residential and commercial complexes in different countries of the world which are Singapore, Australia, China, and Europe, etc. They also have more than 80 cities which they are working and providing the top-notch services in those cities.  At Riviere Singapore River it has many bars and nightclubs on both sides of this river. So people have plenty of choices to chose from which club should be chosen for dancing and enjoying the party.

Properties develop by Riviere Frasers Centrpoint Home:

Zouk Club: The Zouk Club is the ultimate property which is developed by the Frasers. This club is famous in Singapore, and many people visit this place for refreshing and relaxed from the hectic lifestyle. At nightclubs, this club came first in the list of nightclubs at Singapore River. There are 7 local DJs who played their playlist in the Zouk Club. Every day there is a New DJ who is the best thing about this nightclub. Many people compare Zouk Club with European clubs which is the bugged achievement for this club. At Riviere Frasers Centrpoint Home they are providing their services from a very long time and have years of training in real estate property.