April 12, 2024

Design the Closet of Your Dreams with These Simple Tips and Tricks

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Generally, building a closet has always the same cost no matter how poorly or well-designed it is made. What separates the two is the way you design and use the space that makes the difference. Fortunately for you, this article will guide and help you decide what type of closet to build, what to store and most importantly how to get the most out of every inch of space.

Only build what you need.

Before you start on the design it is important that you decide first how big or small you need your closet to be. It may sound exciting to have a big, blank wall intended for the closet but before you do that, it may be best to consider what the contents will be. This will help you spend less money knowing how large the wall closet you need to build.

Get organized.

If you have a group of similar items that amount to at least 20 inches in width, it might be best to separate them in section. It is important that you maximize space and group your clothes of similar size together.

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Focus on ergonomics.

It will much easier to find your things if you design your space more ergonomically, it will also be easier to keep your closet tidy this way. Position your clothes in such a spot that your mind can easily remember. Things have nowhere else to go except your closet.

Add storage elsewhere.

One simple trick to maximize small space is to use every bit of storage fully. One way to do this is by not having anything but hung clothes in the closet. There’s little point in storing more folded clothes on deep closet shelves, the next thing you know it ends up as a mess. Use deep space for hanging clothes instead, then put folded clothes and shoes elsewhere.

Get smart with your shoes.

Having a small and tight space may not be a good idea in storing all of your shoes. But you can be smart on your strategy by aiming to stash them on shelves at mid-height so you can see them. It does not matter whether you choose regular shelves or slide-out shelves and drawers, there is no need to give shoes too much room to move. Using this type of drawer method will allow you to use the full depth of the closet, and makes your shoes easier to access.

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