May 22, 2024

Colorful Nail Polish: The Latest Craze That Gets Addicted By Women

Accesorios manicura

Who among you doesn’t want to use nail polish? Today, women normally loved to have beautiful hands with nail polish on their fingernails. For them, it is their way on how to make their hands beautiful and expressive. But, the problem lies in how to apply the nail polish correctly. Most women are having problems because of incorrect application. So, they decided to go to a parlor that offers manicure service. Manicuras help fingernails to be in nice shape, painted, and most especially cleaned. Yes, manicure service does not only make the nails beautiful, but it cleaned the entire area on the nails. Cuticles are removed, the skin is softened to eliminate dry skin.

Accesorios manicura

Goodbye to your ugly nails

Giving the right manicure on the nails make that ugly look to fresh. Nail problems such as uneven, cracked, and chipped are very common. But, this is a basic problem that can be easily treated. These problems can be easily prevented from happening. By doing manicure, the unwanted look of nails can become nice. You can learn the nail polish application properly. There is a quick guide on how to apply nail polish on both fingernails and toenails. With this, improvement to the nails can be noticeable and yet happening. Most women ask for a professional manicurist to make the nails look beautiful. The colorful waterproof nail polish can make nails look pleasant, clean and stylish.

How to apply and what you will need?    

To get started, it is recommended to decide what color of nail polish that you are going to apply. You have to prepare all the needed things such as the nail polish, base coat, cotton balls, polish remover, and topcoat. Now, you can start to apply nail polish correctly by following the steps:

  • Use the polish remover to eliminate old nail polish. Put enough amount of polish remover on the cotton balls and rub it on the nail that has old nail polish. By removing the old polish, you can avoid uneven coating for the new application.
  • Painting the nails. Now, this part needs to be careful during the polish application. Put the hands on the table to make sure that the hands don’t shake. Begin painting the nails, use the base coat as the first application. One good tip, start applying on the smallest nails to the thumb. It can prevent from getting leaned on the freshly applied painted nails.
  • Dry the polish and apply the topcoat. This is the last part, let the nail polish get dry. After that, you can apply the topcoat and then clean the excess polish besides the nails.

Now, you have it! Show how beautiful your nails are.