February 27, 2024



The music industry evolved a lot over the past few years. Technology played a big part in this. File sharing, streaming, social media, and eCommerce offer more opportunities for artists. They can expose their music to larger audiences now. It is also easier to increase their fan base. There are so many options when it comes to promoting your music online. The challenge is how to pick which is the best choice. Here are some of the most popular and most effective ones that you should try.

Wix Music

You can create a music website with Wix Music. It sells your music from the website without getting any commissions. You can spread your music to more than a hundred of the most popular music channels on the internet. You can do this without leaving your Wix account. With Premium service, you can distribute your tunes to top online stores. As well as streaming services. This includes iTunes and Spotify. As well as Google Play and Rdio. Wix Music also integrates with BandsInTown or Songkick. You can promote your shows and sell tickets from your website. You can sell merchandise by starting an online store. There are templates you could choose from to make a professional-looking website. You can customize these templates.

Bandintown & Songkick

You want to play in front of a crowd, right? Promote your shows on ticket purchasing channels like BandsInTown and Songkick. Site viewers get to discover the hottest shows within their vicinity. You can connect your account in BandsInTown or Songkick to your Wix Music website. This will update new tour dates on your website. It will also allow ticket purchasing online.


YouTube is one of the most visited websites and one of the most used apps. There are many artists who get discovered on YouTube. Uploading your music or music video on YouTube will make it available to millions of people. You can put the link to your Wix Music website in the description. You can also put lyrics in there so your fans could sing along.

Apple Music & iTunes

Almost all iOS users have Apple Music and iTunes accounts. They host the largest online music library in the world. They promote and increase your music sales with a professional touch. They also help you stand ahead of your competitors. iTunes is also available on android mobile devices. It will not only promote your music. But also give you popularity and recognition in the music industry. The new Apple Music and iTunes feature suggest users some new tunes. These are often like those they are already listening to.


One of the most popular apps in the world is Spotify. It takes listeners to a new level of audio experience. Their offer extreme quality audio at a bitrate of 320Kbps. It is something people consider when choosing Spotify. Their libraries contain almost every recorded artist. https://spotistar.com will help you bring fans to the music retail sites that sell your music. They cannot buy your songs if they do not know where to find and download your music.

You would want your fans stopping by your website or the Artist Profile page as often as possible. The more visits on your site, the more exposure. You should make sure that your content is always updated. Fans will get bored if you become inactive for long.