May 22, 2024

Traditional Vs Electronic Dartboard

Darts is basically a traditional game which people have been playing from ancient times. This game is played with arrows or darts which a player throws aiming at a number score on a dartboard, which is generally round in shape and fixed on a wall. Dart games are commonly played in casinos. The dart board is hung on the wall keeping in mind that the bulls are of about 5.8” from the floor so that a 6 feet man can also aim at the centre point easily. The traditional dartboards are made of sisal fibres or bristle and darts are made of a brass body with a steel tip, which gets a fix to the board once a player hits the dart on the dartboard. While playing this game, there is someone who closely monitors that how much a player is scoring and writes it on a paper or a score sheet. However, with the changing time and trend, dart boards also got changed from a traditional dart board to an electronic dartboard. Some of the best electronic dart boards are available in the market these days. Not only in professional games, but people also prefer to have these dart boards at home as well.

Advantages Of An Electronic Dartboard

The scores are being automatically calculated and displayed on the board for long to do the comparison with other players. In the mean, while other players can make their strategy of aiming at the board. Unlike traditional dart board scoring system that someone has to be there and keep an eye on the player’s scores and hits. Another advantage of an electronic dartboard is that the life of an electronic dartboard is much better than of a bristle dartboard. The main reason for this is the substance they are made from. The darts of an Electronic dartboard are made of plastic with a soft tip, very light in weight and the best electronic dart boards are made of high-quality plastic which has a capacity to hold the dart and keep it in the same position as the board is made of spider holes in it. So the damage is not too much on the board, however, in case of bristle dartboards, the darts are made of steel tips and are quite heavy in weight which damages the dartboard’s surface area and need to be changed periodically.

If we see, both the dart board’s rules and regulations for playing the game is the same, and so is the style of aiming and hitting the target. The only difference is that the score gets displayed on an electronic dartboard and the material used to make it is lighter in weight. It can be kept at home as well because due to its soft-edged darts it is even safe for kids.