May 22, 2024

About Same-Sex Relationships and Marriage Green Cards

The federal marriage equality decision by the US Supreme court in the year of 2013, this means that same-sex marriages are treated as the same as the heterosexual marriages especially when it comes to the purpose of gay marriage immigration under the US immigration law.

Gay and lesbian citizens of the US and even the green card holders can easily apply for a marriage-based green card for their spouse in the foreign nationals and the USCIS treats the applications from the same-sex couples similar to the ways they handle applications from heterosexual couples.

However, there are certain areas that are considered to cause you certain hiccups if you want to apply as same-sex couples than for the heterosexual couples. Well, the following is a rundown of some common concerns that you can face and how you can handle them.

Bona Fide Bond

Well, as we all know that the foundation of any marriage-based green card application is preceded by proving that you and your better half had an authentic marriage, rather than a marriage that only intended to help someone to settle in the country and obtain the green card.

There are no requirements involved for you as same-sex couples; all you need to have is the same documents as the heterosexual couples will provide the lawsuit in order to prove an authentic marriage. However, there are few challenges that are more common these days especially when it comes to gay marriage immigration when compared to the heterosexual couples.

No relationship when it comes to in-laws

Always remember that photos of you, your spouse along with your respective families are good ways to prove your relationship and is quite important to determine when it comes to initial stages of your filing package. Remember, showing your relationship with the family of your spouse is very important during the interview procedures for obtaining the green card. The USCIS or an officer conducting the interview for obtaining a green card will always ask you questions related to your family and even the family of your spouse. There could be series of questions in terms of the names of the siblings of your spouse and what you did for your father-in –law’s birthday recently.